Retiree Workforce Solutions

—Continuing Engagement

Many professionals have retired, but they still want to be engaged in the workforce.  

Perhaps, as a retiree, you may want a flexible part-time job to occupy your time, a meaningful work opportunity, or to startup a new entrepreneurial venture to provide additional income.

Regardless of the reason for your search, as an older job seeker, you may need help connecting with employers. 


If you are thinking about reentering the workforce, you are not alone. Employers are welcoming boomerang workers with open arms. If you are only planning to work part-time, employers don't need to cover your benefits, making you that much more desirable. 

This is the time to follow your passions and do what you love. If your taxes are an issue—and even if they are not—consider retiree workforce options. It may turn out to be the most rewarding thing you can do.

The United States possesses the fastest-growing, best educated and most vigorous population of older adults in the history of the world. The senior population today is more than twice what it was in 1960 and will double again in the next 20 years.