We don’t do many Q & A’s. Those are pretty much reserved for our coaching platform, (rhemacoaching.com) or via online webinars.
But every once in a while, by popular demand, we get to talk about how powerful a focused, faith-filled mindset is to overcome any kind of negativity or situation in life!


The realization that deepening faith leads to a stronger connection to reality and to positive action, is a common theme in destiny and purpose.

The highest level of  purpose, is to live with the confidence in the inherent goodness of God, and in your own powers to act effectively, with a positive purpose.

This is an exciting way to live, because every moment is filled with "possibilities."





Follow your faith to success in any career pursuit or source of employment! Base your plans on what God reveals to you about His will and timing for your career, instead of the world's definition of success. 

As an employed person of faith, you have the potential to make a significant impact in the marketplace. Your work isn’t just something you do to earn a living, and you don’t have to sidetrack your faith to do it well.

So approach your work purposefully, letting your faith lead you to real success. 






As entrepreneurs, we take a leap of faith daily. Faith is “determining that which is not yet seen,and acting as though it already is,” with a rational sense of expectation. Then creating the methodology by which one allocates the resources to accomplish prioritized objectives...in a competitive environment. This defines an entrepreneur’s life! 

Strategy is more than just a plan, it is a continuous way of thinking that requires us to always "keep the end game in sight."





 Although having good business or personal relationships you can count on, isn’t always easy, it is definitely worth the effort. 

One main ingredient to add to your relationships is faith. Believing that others have value, worth and potential.

There are many kinds of relationships, not just romantic ones. Healthy relationships are a vital element of our well-being.

Believing in yourself and others helps to develop confidence. As confidence increases... so does the ability to connect meaningfully with others.


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