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Our eleven year history encompasses several guiding principles:


We are unique, an original design creation with talents and abilities.

Each of us is creative and resourceful.

All of us have the responsibility to help others use and develop their unique talents in every way possible; especially to be productive and useful.

Significant work is an essential part of daily living through the use of our unique talents and abilities.

By providing resources and information, we can help others use their abilities to find fulfilling employment, meaningful opportunities and enriched  lives.


Programs within the Center are underwritten through fees-for-services, donations, sponsorships, grants and in-kind services.



Stability: the Key for families of DV, who are Homeless!



A dwelling is not the only need that many Domestic Violence homeless families have. Many homeless domestic violence families are in desperate and obvious need of such things as employment, counselling and material aid… many families have a desperate need for stability.

Wherever possible, it is important to help victims of domestic violence who are homeless families find social and support networks within the local community, which encourages them to put down roots.


Life Unscripted 

unplanned prgnancies.jpg

Embracing women through unplanned pregnancies, through mentoring and education. Supportive and caring environment. Weekly topics such as fear of uncertainty, day to day issues, and also having  joy in this season of unscripted life.


Job/Employment Development

back on track.jpg

Our “Back on Track” Employment Initiative a comprehensive employment program designed to address the unique needs of women who have experienced domestic violence, or are at risk of domestic violence. Our vision is to help them build economic independence.

Abuse Advocacy



To prevent teens from entering into or remaining in abusive dating relationships. We help them identify the warning signs of an abusive relationship.

To help teens help themselves or a friend leave an abusive relationship.

To point out resources for getting help.

  To stop the cycle of violence

To encourage healthy relationships.