Who we are

Nardra V. Daniels, CEO

Visionary, administrator, educator, consultant, coach, community organizer & social activist. To name a few of her roles! While she exudes a laid-back energy, she is considered “passionate, focused..."Intense...with Common Sense!"

Author of the popular christian blog “Kingdom Life-A View From the Top,” where she dispenses advice on life, career, workplace and spiritual life issues. She is also self-published author of the mini book, “How to Answer a Fool,” and “Bitter Roots-the heart of Unforgiveness,” and is the chief of staff of the organization, where she oversees day-to-day operations and staff management. 

Consistently recognized as a uniquely gifted leader, Mrs. Daniels’ work and experience have earned her recognition for helping individuals and groups reach their full potential both personally and professionally.

Our Founder


A native of Raleigh NC, Nardra V. Daniels serves as Managing Partner of RHEMA Management Consulting, Executive Director of the Healing Rain Women’s Enrichment Center and Chairs the Executive Board of Directors of the NDM organization. Ms. Daniels earned her Bachelor of Arts degree (History/Sociology), from the University of North Carolina College lineup-Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem State University), and pursued the Masters of Public Administration, (MPA) with specializations in areas of Human Resources/Non-Profit Management from the Keller Graduate School of Management/Devry University. 

As business visionary, entrepreneurial trailblazer and philanthropist, Mrs. Daniels began her solo career, as an entrepreneur in the late 90's, when she founded “RHEMA  Associates”, designed for those individuals who were experiencing career, employment, and life transition. It was a small beginning, but it set the foundation for what is now the NDM Community.  Envisioning the development of RHEMA Management Consulting & Healing Rain Women's Centre, which is now operational and thriving.

nardrav-“My concerns these days are more global than local. I spent a decade in corporate america as benefits administrator, before making a career shift to follow my passion: training, speaking and consulting on issues relating to life, ministry, career development and workplace culture.

In this capacity, I also spend a great deal of time researching, writing and speaking about workplace culture, non-profit organizational development and life issues.” 

email: office@ndm.community


Our Organization

Our History

NDM, Inc. is a mission-based marketplace movement, that include ethics, and social responsibility. Licensed in 2005, listed with the North Carolina Secretary of the State Corporations office, as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. 

Formed independently in Raleigh, NC- wanting to establish an intense training ground for community change. The goal is to  bridge the faith and work divide, and to benefit people in society who want to become productive citizens, leaders in the home, in the community, and in the workplace.

Our emphasis is to assist people in experiencing a more suitable and sustainable quality of  life, enrichment, and experience. We tackle questions of vocation, calling, meaning, and purpose, and help individuals explore both the natural and extrinsic value of work.

In the meantime, a new initiative (EDEN Project), is helping communities better understand faith-work integration and is encouraging the inhabitants to utilize their entrepreneurial gifts.


Who does the NDM Community work with?

The average NDM entrepreneur is a 40-year-old single mother of two children, earning less than $35,000 a year. Ninety percent of our entrepreneurs are minorities and 70 percent are women. Eighty percent of the NDM entrepreneurs are low- to moderate-income, and 27 percent are unemployed at intake.”

The NDM organization has shaped many small startup organizations. 


One for the books...

We’ve had a great year at the NDM Community! Here are some of the things that made our books and programs a success this year!

It was a wild journey of creation and much needed reorganization. We had to “neaten up our shelves before we splashed 2018 visions and goals.” Have a Happy New Year!

1). Provided new economic resources for low income individuals

2). Leadership training offered for new startup entrepreneurs

3). It has been our pleasure to assist and coach our clients in planning for their future

4). We've put in a lot of hard work this year, the majority cultivating an amazing ongoing project launched in late September – the EDEN Project

5). After the dust had settled, we were able to make a substantial donation to The Hope Beyond Project, as well as help victims of the domestic abuse/violence that affects so many in our country.

6). Presented a business development scholarship to a new startup entrepreneur.

7). Major organizational development initiatives took place to better align ourselves for 2018.

8). Supported fellow charities.

9). Created new partnerships with 2 new major partners.

10). Helped several great career/employment candidates develop and pursue awesome new careers.

Thank you to all of the people that help make the NDM Community, a great place to work and make projects happen. Most importantly, thank you to all of our RHEMA Network Consultants in their perspective fields, that represent NDM, Inc on a daily basis.

We truly appreciate your dedication, integrity, good spirit, and commitment to the projects.

Thanks again for a great 2017!